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The culture of Poland is closely connected with its developed as a result of its geography as the meeting point of various European regions. With origins in the culture of the Early Slavs, over time Polish culture has been profoundly influenced by its interweaving ties with the Germanic, Latinate and Byzantine worlds as well as the many other ethnic groups and minorities living in Poland.

Churches of Peace

The Churches of Peace are outstanding testimony to an exceptional act of tolerance on the part of the Catholic Habsburg Emperor towards Protestant communities in Silesia in the period following the Thirty Years’ War in Europe.

It forced builders to implement pioneering constructional and architectural solutions of a scale and complexity unknown in wooden architecture.​

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Zelazowa Wola

Visit Chopin’s birthplace, now a museum, in Zelazowa Wola, where piano concerts are held regularly in the summer. He was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of French-Polish parentage. He is considered one of the great masters of Romantic music.

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Next to Kudowa Zdroj is the village of Czermna with its Chapel of Skulls, where the walls are covered with bones. Under the floor there is space with decaying bones which were not used during decorating the chapel.

The chapel was built in 1776 by the Czech local parish priest Wacław Tomaszek. It is the mass grave of people who died during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), three Silesian Wars (1740–1763), as well as of people who died because of cholera.

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Lichen - Basilica of Our Lady

It is Poland’s largest church and also one of the largest churches in the world. The church is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, Queen of Poland whose icon, dates back to the 18th century. Pope John Paul II blessed the Basilica in 1999. The history of the Basilica goes back to the beginning of the apparitions of the nineteenth century, when the soldier Thomas Kłossowski in 1813 participated in the Battle of Nations at Leipzig. Thomas was mortally wounded, on the battlefield. He began to pray fervently to the Mother of God, asking for help. Holly Mary appeared before him and promised that he would return home but he should find an image faithfully presenting her and put it in public view, which can be seen at the altar today

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Swieta Lipka- Monastery of the Holy Linden tree​

Swieta Lipka is a tiny village in the north of Poland, and despite its size it is well known – as a religious centre and a pilgrimage site. In fact, it is one of the most celebrated in the country. Whether you are a Catholic or a tourist with an interest in sacral architecture, this is a destination you have to see. Within the monastery complex stands a magnificent 17th century Baroque church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where organ concerts invariably draw large audiences.

The scenic Lake Dejnowa help make Swieta Lipka a mini health resort.​

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Pope John Paul II’s home town. The places where he lived and spent his childhood before he took up his studies in Krakow. You can visit the church where John Paul II was baptized, his family home, now turned into a museum devoted to him, where an exposition of old photographs can be seen.

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Brewery night

It seems to be a great idea to have a delicious, filling meal after a hectic night in Wroclaw. Especially, if it is served with the local, traditional beer produced from malt, hops and yeast according to a 500 year old recipe. All of this happens in a magnificent, historic interior of the Town Hall. You are guaranteed an unforgettable “tasty” experience and assured that even the most sophisticated palates will be fully satisfied. All beer enthusiasts would love this experience!

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